The Learning Networks of Ontario (LNO) is a coalition of 16 regional literacy networks (also called learning networks) located throughout Ontario.

We support

  • literacy and essential skills programming
  • local service planning and coordination

Clear Writing Works! Online Course

Have your message understood the first time.  Take the Learning Networks of Ontario Clear Writing Works! online course.

Practitioner Resources

Literacy Practitioners – check out the Resources & Publications pages for hundreds of free resources in various categories.

New!  Soft Skills Resources Website

Vision & Mission

All Ontarian adults have access to quality education and training.

LNO will work collaboratively to

  • support adult education and training across Ontario
  • build capacity through research and the development of resources
  • facilitate service coordination and planning
  • support knowledge mobilization


In honour of the 10th anniversary of Financial Literacy Month, here are 10 financial literacy tips shared by adult learners that have participated in the Money Matters program. #FLM2020

1 in 10 people in Ontario are impacted by learning disabilities (Learning Disabilities Association of Ontario, 2020).

LDs can appear in the classroom in many different ways. For #LDmonth, @LDatSchool has provided a module for LDs in the classroom -

October is Learning Disabilities Awareness Month #LDmonth

Learn more about learning disabilities and discover other resources here:

The SkillsAdvance Ontario (SAO) projects continue to grow with over 40 projects covering many different sectors.

Join Pop-Up PD for Literacy Educators as we discuss the SAO program and how we can leverage the expertise of LBS programming.

Join the Pop Up PD for Literacy Educators Committee on October 22 for our “Skills Advance Ontario & LBS” webinar.

Learn how we can leverage the expertise of #LBS programming in supporting #SkillsAdvance projects across Ontario.

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