Clear Writing Works! – Online Course

This is a public course that you can take to learn how to use Clear Writing guidelines.

They can help you write clearly

  • at work
  • while volunteering
  • in your daily life

This course is 12 weeks (10 in the spring session).  It’s asynchronous so there are no live sessions.  It’s delivered on the Moodle platform.

Register for the next course online.

Clear Writing says what you mean, simply and clearly.  Clear Writing is knowing the needs of your reader and making the message clear for them.

Clear writing can

  • increase your clients by giving them clear messages
  • decrease confusion or misunderstandings
  • reduce accidents
  • increase your skills for employment
  • increase the accessibility of your documents

73% of employers want candidates to have strong writing skills (

Clear Writing is about the way you communicate in writing.

It’s about the

  • language you use
  • format of your document
  • design of your document

This is “An excellent course that I can start to apply to my working and personal life immediately!”

– Course Participant

“I have learned so much and I am grateful for how it is helping me at work.” – Course Participant


Course Dates                        Fall, Winter and Spring sessions available – visit registration form for details

Fee                                          $349 (tax exempt)

Registration                          limit of 15 so register early!

For More Information        Sara Gill – 905-527-2222 x 1