Clear Writing Services

Several of the Learning Networks in Ontario offer Clear Writing Services within their regions and beyond. These services include

  • facilitating workshops
  • editing documents such as proposals, business plans, resources, flyers, newsletters, etc.
  • reviewing documents and making recommendations
  • providing organizational needs assessments

Find a recognized Clear Writing Service Provider near you.

What is Clear Writing?

Clear Writing is about the way you communicate in writing. It’s about the

  • language you use
  • format of your document
  • design of your document

Clear Writing

  • says what you mean
  • puts action into your sentences
  • organizes your paragraphs
  • speaks to your audience
  • considers the message sent
  • considers those who read the message (audience)
  • simplifies concepts and makes concrete thoughts
  • crosses modes of communication – can be used in hard copy, email and web-based information