Recognition Process

The first step is to enroll in the online course. Everyone must first go through the online course before beginning the recognition process.

Through the Learning Networks of Ontario you can become recognized as a Clear Writing

  • Editor
  • Facilitator
  • Consultant (both editor and facilitator)

Your recognition is valid for 3 years.  You will be given a maintenance chart to track your Clear Writing activity.  At the end of the term you submit this to be recognized for another term.

Why Should I Go Through the Recognition Process?

Being recognized through the Learning Networks of Ontario (LNO) increases your professional profile and allows you to be listed as a Clear Writing Provider on the LNO website.

You will have

  • skills to provide consistent delivery of training across Ontario
  • guidelines to follow
  • access to a support system
  • mentors to guide you
  • credentials to increase your employability

For more information contact the Lead Organization

Adult Basic Education Association