Common Assessment for the OALCF Goal Paths Resource Package – Literacy Northwest

The Common Assessment for the Ontario Adult Literacy Curriculum Framework (OALCF) Paths (CA-OALCF) Resource Package provides Literacy and Basic Skills (LBS) service providers with tools and information needed to

  • adapt/develop an assessment strategy that describes what tools are used for the purpose (initial, ongoing, exit), goal path and when an assessment is done
  • adapt/develop a process used for assessment results to inform overall agency targets
  • support agency efforts to fully implement the OALCF
  • help ensure integrity and accurate assessment results that support appropriate learner referrals
  • support efficient and effective program planning and delivery
  • help the smooth transition of learners’ goal completions

Through the 2013-2014 Service Delivery Network Development Fund project, the following tools/resources were developed

Common Assessment for the OALCF Goal Paths Resource Package

Sample Common Assessment Strategy
Task-Based Assessment, Milestone and Culminating Task Tracking Sheet
Sample Task Template
Index of Activities
Key Development Skills List for Each Goal Path
Assessment Activities for all 5 Goal Paths, 6 Competencies and 3 Levels
Answer Sheets
Resource List

Apprenticeship Section
Employment Section
Independence Section
Post Secondary Section
Secondary School Credit Section

Information Bulletin for Practitioners – includes useful information about the resource package and assessment

Goal Path Bulletin for Practitioners

Goal Path-Specific Bulletins for Learners – includes activities and useful information to help explain the need for assessment

Secondary School

Goal Path-Specific Webinars/Training for Each Goal Path Resource

Pilot Site Orientation Presentation

The Common Assessment for the OALCF Goal Paths Resource Package and training tools have also been translated into French. Download the French versions.

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