Coordinating to Bring Low-Literacy and Marginalized Clients Employment – Literacy Link South Central – Phase 1 Results

Final Report

Finally, there is an overall report and an overall evaluation report, for those who are interested.

Final Evaluation Report

Strategy Reports with Appendices/Attachments

The Low Literacy Worker

Literacy and the Young Single Male

Collaboration around Labour Adjustment Project & Supportive Coordination Strategies, including Assessment & Referral Protocols

The Role of Multi-Service Centres

Poverty Reduction and Literacy

Clearer Sightlines to Employment in Dufferin County

Using Labour Market Information to Bridge Literacy and Basic Skills and Employment Services

Educational Pathways Assessment and Information and Referral

The Role of Frontline Practitioners

Webinar #1 – Delivered by Literacy Link South Central – December 9, 2013

Literacy and the Young Single Male and Targeted Employment Support for Job Seekers with Low Literacy Skills (slide deck)

Webinar #2 – Delivered by QUILL Learning Network and Tri-County Literacy Network – December 11, 2013

Mastering the Puzzle Pieces – Relationship Building (slide deck)

Webinar #3 – Delivered by Peel-Halton-Dufferin Adult Learning Network – December 13, 2013

Clearer Sightlines to Employment in Dufferin County (slide deck)

Webinar #4 – Delivered by Project READ Literacy Network – December 16, 2013

Labour Adjustment and Literacy Activities (slide deck)

Webinar #5 – Delivered by Adult Basic Education Association and Literacy Link Niagara – December 17, 2013

Supporting LBS Practitioners in Linking Learners to Employment (slide deck)