Exploring the Gap Between London’s Immigrants and Local LBS Programs – Literacy Link South Central (2013-2015)

Literacy Link South Central is pleased to announce the launch of our new Labour Market Partnership Project, “Exploring the Gap Between London’s Immigrants and Local LBS Programs.” This project will build upon the information gathered and relationships built during our 2014 Job Creation Partnership project “Using Technology to Facilitate Connections between Literacy and the Broader Community.”

The goal of the LMP project is to research and identify tools and resources that the literacy field can offer to help bring London’s immigrant community closer to employment. We will focus our research on jobs that have a high demand for workers, the skills that immigrants already bring to the labour market, and how an increase in literacy skills can help better connect London’s immigrants to those in-demand labour market opportunities.

A dedicated team of 4 Literacy & Employment Researchers will be working on this project, including 3 members of last year’s Job Creation Partnership project. We look forward to their continued efforts to create an effective connection between London’s newcomers and immigrants, and our local literacy programs.

Phase 1 Results

Phase 2 Results