Resources are submitted by individual Learning Networks across the province.

Community Works Handbook (2008)
Ottawa Community Coalition for Literacy
With our partners ALSO and Heartwood House we developed an innovative model of supported volunteering that provides training in transferable essential skills for learners who are marginalized and/or disadvantaged by a variety of barriers and challenges.  We invite you to have a look and download material at no cost, whenever you need it.

Formalizing Transitions between Employment Services and LBS (2014)
Simcoe/Muskoka Literacy Network
The purpose of this project was to research the ways in which ES and LBS programs have been working together to promote transitions from ES to LBS and from LBS to ES. See page for more.

I Just Need a Job Workshop (2014)
Project READ Literacy Network of Waterloo/Wellington
This workshop was developed to help frontline Employment Service practitioners understand how to talk about “literacy” with their clients and how to successfully refer them to LBS programs. It also gives them training on how to use the screening tool for literacy needs that was developed for the LMP – Phase 2 Project in partnership with LLSC.

Learning to Earning Videos (2015)
Tri-County Literacy Network
This Employment Ontario project is funded by the Ontario government. The purpose of the project was to develop videos to showcase how and why adult upgrading can be part of one’s future success.

Literacy and Essential Skills Awareness Guide (2009) (English and French)
Rideau-Ottawa Valley Learning Network | Réseau d’apprentissage de la Valée Rideau-Ottawa (ROVLN | RAVRO)
ROVLN is pleased to present a new resource for employment counselors, The Literacy & Essential Skills Awareness Guide, available in English and French.

Upgrading Skills for Laid Off Workers (2010)
QUILL Adult Learning Network
YouTube Video – This video was produced to increase awareness of the role that adult learning programs can play in labour adjustment situations. The video depicts the heartfelt emotions of displaced workers, the potential for success within an upgrading program, and partnerships between LBS programs and Action Centres.

Working Together (English and French)
Ottawa Community Coalition for Literacy
This pamphlet is intended to help anyone who may be thinking of referring a client to one of Ottawa’s Literacy and Basic Skills (LBS) programs or to an ACE (Academic and Career Entrance) program.

Workplace Essential Skills Toolkit (updated 2015)
Adult Basic Education Association
This toolkit was developed to help Learning Networks implement brokering services for workplace education programs, as well as help employers understand the need and how to go about attaining Essential Skills in the workplace.  Please contact Sara Gill at for more details.