Online Community of Practice 2018-2019 – Enhance Your Practice With Math

Free webinar series for Adult Literacy Professionals – Enhance Your Practice with Math!

The Online Community of Practice for LBS webinars were created by the Learning Networks of Ontario (LNO).  They offer practitioners training and professional development opportunities that are relevant and cost-effective.  The committee has expanded to include members of the Provincial Support Organizations for Literacy (PSOL).  The webinars are supported by Contact North.  We offer webinars on timely topics to increase the knowledge within the Literacy and Basic Skills (LBS) field and to support the delivery of the LBS Program.

Summary of the 2018-2019 Webinar Series – Enhance Your Practice with Math

All the resources from these sessions.

Those who took all 5 webinars received a certificate of recognition from the Learning Networks of Ontario.

Why Math Matters

Join us for a panel discussion moderated by Tamara Kaattari, Executive Director of Literacy Link South Central.  The panelists will discuss math’s place in preparing our learners for the current and future workforce.

Featured panelists will bring their insights about why math matters in every way!  Panelist include

  • Doug Noyes, Executive Director, Literacy Link Eastern Ontario
  • Jane Tuer, Executive Director, Project READ Literacy Network
  • Debra Mountenay, Executive Director, Elgin Middlesex, Oxford Workforce Planning and Development Board
  • Barb Glass, Executive Director, College Sector Committee

Thursday, September 27, 2018, 2:00 pm – 3:30 pm EST

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Math Anxiety

Dealing with math anxiety is an ongoing challenge for everyone supporting learners.  Especially those learners whose previous experiences with math have been anything but confidence inspiring!  Arlene Cronin, Program Director for ACE Distance Delivery will help us better understand what causes math anxiety.  She will review all of the ways it can affect learners. Arlene will then provide some practical strategies to overcome it.  We invite you to participate.  Learn what you can do to support your learners to achieve their math-related learning goals!

Thursday, October 25, 2018   2:00—3:30 pm EST

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Making Math Fun!

Join a panel discussion moderated by Andrea Dickinson, Executive Director of Tri-County Literacy Network.  Learn some tips, tricks, and teaching strategies to make math fun for learners.  Help them enjoy math throughout their learning journey with you!

Featured panelists will give you some great ways to keep all kinds of learners engaged with math.  Panelists include

  • Barb Glass, Executive Director, College Sector Committee for Adult Upgrading/ long-time math educator
  • Steve Ballard, host, Really Useful GED Stuff
  • Summer Burton, Project Manager, Literacy Link South Central’s Gamification Project

Thursday, 22 November 2018, 2:00 pm – 3:30 pm EST

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Math Resources

This webinar is all about sharing knowledge of the math resources.  These are resources that frontline LBS practitioners use and have proven to work well!  Literacy Link Niagara’s (LLN) Co-Executive Director Gay Douglas will moderate a discussion on effective math resources for each goal path, including pre-apprenticeship.  The group will share both online and print resources.

Panelists will include members of LLN’s Front Line Group.  This includes instructors from all streams and sectors of the region’s LBS programs.

You’ll learn about resources that work best for each LBS goal path.  You will also learn ways to address the different systems of measurement.  These can be an extra challenge to new Canadians.

Thursday, January 24, 2019, 2:00—3:30 pm EST

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Money Math (Financial Literacy)

Join a panel discussion moderated by Sara Gill, Executive Director of Adult Basic Education Association.  This discussion will cover the importance of financial literacy knowledge, how to market workshops about financial literacy and where to get guest speakers.

Featured panelists will wrap up our 2018-2019 math series with math information relevant to us all!  Panelists include

  • Mack Rogers, Executive Director as well as Paul Bishop of ABC Life Literacy Canada (creator of Money Matters, financial literacy curricula with support of TD Bank)
  • Jane Tuer Executive Director, Project READ Literacy Network who created the LBS financial literacy task-based activities
  • Helen McLeod, Executive Director Hamilton Literacy Council who delivers ABEA financial literacy curriculum
  • Yvonne Thompson, Adult Learning Programs of Perth, who has successfully marketed Money Matters
  • Ningwakwe/E. Priscilla George, Ontario Native Literacy Coalition (ONLC), will speak about Financial Literacy and Learning for Aboriginals (FLLAME) curriculum

Thursday, February 28, 2019, 2:00—3:30 pm EST

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